HYCIDE explores the roles we
create for ourselves and those
created for us, challenging the
status quo while bearing witness
to the feared, neglected
and misunderstood.

Our Mission:
Stories of survival and freedom.
No judgment.


Words by Carrie Stetler | Images by Jamel Shabazz, Adrian Franks, Nema Etebar, Akintola Hanif and Khalik Allah


NWA JENOSID, which means “Black genocide” in Hatian Creole, is the title of HYCIDE’s traveling exhibition, debuting in Miami during Art Basel this week. It features images by HYCIDE Editor-in-Chief Akintola Hanif and photographers Jamel Shabazz, Nema Etebar, Khalik Allah and artist Adrian Franks.

“I see a rise in death and the systematic destruction of people of color around the world and in my backyard,’’ says Hanif, who curated the show, which examines the symptoms and effects of modern day genocide in the U.S. The show opens at Yeelen Gallery in Miami's Little Haiti district on December 6th at 10 p.m.

“I was looking for images that dealt with the literal and figurative death of a people. Sexual death, mental death, murder, self abuse and other forms of violence and mutilation. A lot of the subjects in the photos appear to be the ones manifesting this genocide for themselves, but they're all actually the victims of something that was planned long before they arrived,’’ Hanif explains. READ MORE