HYCIDE explores the roles we
create for ourselves and those
created for us, challenging the
status quo while bearing witness
to the feared, neglected
and misunderstood.

Our Mission:
Stories of survival and freedom.
No judgment.



HYCIDE magazine celebrates stories and images of Newark, by Newarkers, with a launch party for its seventh issue and a one-night exhibit at the Newark Museum on Sept 6.

The city-based photojournalism and arts journal collaborated with Rutgers-Newark students and faculty on a project that explores the lives of residents whose authentic voices and images rarely appear in mainstream media.

The issue presents an alternative narrative of the city from the first-person perspective of gang members, public housing residents, the LGBT community, homeless residents and others. But it also includes stories on Newark’s thriving cultural scene; the Broad & Market commercial district, once considered the busiest intersection in the world; and people and organizations who work to make the city a better place.

It was created, in part, as a historical document that captures Newark at a moment when the city seems poised for transformation due to redevelopment efforts and what many view as signs of gentrification.

The museum event, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. will feature an installation of photographs made around the city of Newark, a mixture of street photography, documentary portraiture and photo-based art. It includes a selection of critically acclaimed work by artist Manuel Acevedo, plus a photo booth for guests, mad from an entrance door to the former Baxter Terrace Housing project. There will also be live music and refreshments. READ MORE