HYCIDE explores the roles we
create for ourselves and those
created for us, challenging the
status quo while bearing witness
to the feared, neglected
and misunderstood.

Our Mission:
Stories of survival and freedom.
No judgment.


Words by Carrie Stetler | Images by Akintola Hanif


In response to the endless barrage of stereotypes about Newark, Athena Barat coined this hashtag a few years ago: #newarklookslikethis.

“‘I’d use it every time there was really positive stuff happening in the city,’’ explains Barat, who organizes the annual Creation Nation art parade, which starts today in Newark and is held every October during OPEN DOORS week. “Because I work so closely with artists and young people, I see so many beautiful things. I just want to share it, to make it known. It came from this desire to show a side of Newark that’s just productive, creative and healthy,’’ she says.

This year, Barat decided to bring the hashtag to life, collaborating with photographer and HYCIDE Editor-in-Chief Akintola Hanif on a street art campaign featuring Hanif’s black and white portraits of the everyday people who live and work in Newark. On the day before the parade, the first batch of images were wheat pasted on walls downtown -- portraits of children, artists and other young creatives. READ MORE