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GHETTO GAGGERS: A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than It's Women
Words by Jamel Shabazz | Image source ghettogaggers.com


One day, I Googled negative terms for Black women just to see what I’d find. One of the phrases was “ghetto bitch,” and to my surprise, a pornographic site called Ghetto Gaggers appeared. Out of curiosity, I went to the site, which flashed images of young Black women, all apparently in their late teens and early twenties. On the home page was a synopsis of Ghetto Gaggers videos, which feature middle-aged white men torturing the women through violence, sexual humiliation and racist mockery. The men took great delight in explaining how they degraded “hood rats.”

I clicked on a video. As it begins, the women are asked, “Why are you here?” Many say they want cash because their boyfriends were “broke ass niggas” or because they needed money to support their children. Ghetto Gaggers allegedly pays $2,000. Some say they want to be porn stars. Some are college students or unemployed, and some are even pregnant. They have names like Mecca, Ashanti, Precious, Ebony, and Destiny. Maybe they are expecting to star in an erotic video, or maybe they think this is gag porn, in which women who sign a release form are humiliated and hurt to satisfy fetishistic viewers. But it’s hard to believe they expect the level of degradation that comes next, or the resulting emotional trauma.

Some porn stars who reportedly knew what they were in for have quit the industry after starring in Ghetto Gaggers. “After we get through with them they’re going to have to see a psychiatrist for the rest of their lives,” one attacker boasts on camera. In a typical video, three or four men take turns physically and mentally destroying their victims. During 90 minutes of barbarism, the perpetrators spit in their faces, slap them, stomp them and force some to crawl on all fours with chains around their necks. In other scenes, the women have watermelons smashed on their heads and then are forced to eat the melon, along with the men’s semen. Some women have their faces shoved into a toilet, much to the pleasure of the assailants. During the grotesque finale, the men shove their penises deep inside the women’s throats until they vomit into a large dog bowl, which is emptied on them. As the humiliated women cry, a host promises fans there will be new girls every week!

This new form of psychological warfare is gaining momentum and popularity among racists. There are now hundreds of sites specializing in the sexual destruction of the “ghetto bitch”; from the now defunct NaziNiggers, which featured white me in Nazi gear violating black women, to Exploited Black Teens, where a white man has sex with underage black girls, to White Boys Stomp, where the home page trumpets “We Hunt Down Black Sluts!” Ghetto Gaggers also has a spin-off site, EbonyCumDumps.com, which shares the same concept as Ghetto Gaggers, but with less brutalization.

They all carry a special message to Black men: You are defeated and your women, daughters, and mothers are now our booty. According to Webster, booty is a valuable prize, award, or gain taken from an enemy during wartime. I was reading the “Seven Speeches” of Minister Louis Farrakhan when I learned this almost 30 years ago. “Through the woman, the conqueror has destroyed a whole nation of people,” Farrakhan pronounced. “The woman is the most important (component) in building a nation.” If a nation can rise no higher than its women, where do we stand when we see the systematic destruction of Black women and children played out in visual poison like this which echoes the rape and torture of Black women during slavery and Jim Crow?

Why do sites like this exist? Do victims feel that they don’t have the right to press charges, merely because they might have been misled into signing a consent form? If Black men violated white women this way, how long would it take for the site to be shut down and the men to be prosecuted? Where is the outrage? Black women are assaulted every day with stereotypes that tell them they’re ugly and ignorant, that they’re bitches and hoes. From series like “Basketball Wives” and “The Maury Povich Show” the media landscape is filled with images of Black women as immoral and savage.

When mainstream society can’t see Black women’s beauty, or recognize their worth and dignity, maybe the psychopathic hatred of “Ghetto Gaggers” is the end result.